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The more digitized our world becomes, the more I find myself appreciating fine paper products. These days we stay in touch with friends and family all year long via social media and don’t get me wrong..it can be fun and ...

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Can High-Potency Pot Make You Psychic?


The tense, delusional potheads of the old movie “Reefer Madness” have actually motivated eye rolls as well as laughes over the years, however a new study suggests that the cult standard might have a kernel of truth. Smoking pot on ...

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What Besides Opioids Can Aid Post-C-Section Pain?

Close up of statin and beta-blocker pills and capsules with bottle and stethoscope.

Expectant mommies frequently try to prepare as numerous facets of their upcoming distribution as they can. But one point they might not consider is what kind of discomfort alleviation they will certainly pick if they require to have a C-section. ...

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Working at Evening May Rise Miscarriage Danger


Expectant women who operate at the very least two graveyard shift in a week might increase their risk of losing the unborn baby in the following seven days, a new European research discovers. Danish researchers led by Dr. Luise Moelenberg ...

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